Zipmex Corporate Account Application Form

Step 1: Register your corporate email for a Zipmex corporate account

Please sign up for a corporate account with Zipmex through the Zipmex website or via Zipmex mobile application.

Once you have signed up, you will get an email from Zipmex to verify your email. Please verify your email and proceed to submitting documents in step 2. For corporate partners, no further KYC actions are needed beyond submitting the documents below.

Step 2: Provide required documents for Zipmex to complete your corporate account opening

General information

Register company name
Corporate registered email
Use the same email as in Step 1
Contact person's email
Contact person's phone number

Files for submission

No. Document Download File Upload File
File 1 Corporate Account Opening Application Form *
File 2 Original ID/Passport of ALL Directors, Authorized Signatories, POAs, Connected Parties and Ultimate Beneficial Owners *
File 3 Proof of Residential Address of All Directors, Authorized Signatories, POAs, Connected Parties and Ultimate Beneficial Owners *
File 4 Original Proof of Principal Place of Business *
File 5 Certified True Copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association *
File 6 Proof of Ultimate Beneficial Ownership *
File 7 Original or Certified True Copy of Certificate of Incorporation/Registration *
File 8 Original or Certified True Copy of Register of Directors/Certificate of Incumbency *
File 9 Latest Audited Financial Statement *
File 10 Register of Shareholders & Ownership Structure *
File 11 Resolution of the Board of Directors approving the opening of a Zipmex Account and assigning an officer to trade on behalf of the company *
File 12 Other Documents

Your documentation has been submitted.

Zipmex will contact you via your contact person's email and/or phone number if any additional documents or information are required.

If all documentations are complete, Zipmex will KYC your corporate account and you will receive a notification email once your account has been verified.

Unabled to upload files, please contact partnership team.